Mobile Technology,Remember Us!

What is Samsung up to? Phone after phone after phone. They launched the Galaxy Note 3 some weeks back and today, I read that they have announced the launch of the Galaxy Round. I thought they would allow the Note 3 to simmer down a little before releasing a new model. Anyway, they are confusing me and I am sure there are others who are also confused, I am talking about all those Samsung freaks. When it comes to phones, I am all for Samsung. I was so into Blackberry sometime back until I got really fed-up with her freezing habits. Samsung does it for me!

There is this function on the Samsung S4 that I particularly like, it’s one of the things that attracted me but later on when I got my hands on, I was like this is ‘yawa kraa’. You will always find me looking for the remote control in my tiny room, always! It’s like juju, when I use the remote this minute, the next minute it’s gone so when I found out that the S4 had WatchOn I was glad. Because of the built-in infrared, WatchOn permits you to control TV (no matter the brand) with your phone. I was able to control stuff on my TV from volume to switching between channels and could also turn the TV on and off, so cool. However, I was not able to control my DSTV Box, not so cool. You can control other ‘Boxes’ in Europe, America etc but not my DSTV. What a shame!

One thing that these phone companies like Samsung should know is that African has a huge market for mobile phones. The mobile phone telephony has been growing at a very fast pace and in Ghana alone, there are around 27million people using mobile phones, so when they are making ‘apps’ for their gadgets, they should make us a priority too. It shouldn’t just be about America, Europe or Asia. This Is Africa! It will amaze you by the number of people who own the latest smart phones so why are they not thinking about us. Samsung launched the S4 and their recent Note 3 in Ghana; there are also so many Samsung outlets here so why are they not thinking about us? kmt!

Another annoying thing is that, after doing your small-small ‘susu’ to buy a mobile phone, the telcos fail to provide customers with a smooth connection. There are always issues, people are always complaining on twitter and facebook about how they are having issues with their internet. I have stopped using all my modems. I have 3 of them, they are so expensive and they don’t meet expectation. I wonder why the NCA isn’t dealing with them. It is sad, especially in these times when we rely on the internet for so many things. From students, who need to research on a project to grandparents who want to talk to their children overseas on Google Hangout or Skype. From the manager who needs to be in an e-meeting to that pensioner who has opened an Internet café. Internet in Ghana is poor and with how ‘state-of-the-art gadgets’ are being produced, we really need to do something about this shitty internet here.

I need good internet so I can video chat on my phone, do my facebook stuff, smoothly attach files to my email and most important of all, tweet. Talking about twitter, are there ‘Ghanaian apps’ at all? Like do we have an app made for Ghanaians with the rest of the world in my mind? What I really want to see is an app that creates a community for Ghanaians to share information etc (like twitter). Do we have any? An app that will tell me what is going on in other parts of the country, and that will create a platform where we can meet a talk/debate about national issues etc.

What are there computer geeks doing, chale?

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