Labadi Beachment


I have been visiting the beach for a long time, it became very frequent after my mother died in 1998 since I had my freedom to a certain level. The beach that I always visited was the Labadi Beach and I can’t wait to share my near drowning experience with you guys one day. But anyway, I am still here, a pro when it comes to swimming in a pool but the sea has no friends, I guess.

When I started patronizing that beach, it was one of the dirtiest spots in the capital, people defecated everywhere they could, disposed rubbish anywhere and there was always a very bad stench that ‘controlled’ the whole area. In the midst of all these, I still went there to have fun, swim with friends, eat fried yam and meet friends, people from all walks of life. I really don’t want to tell you guys how I swam with polythene bags and other forms of trash. I am really shy to also mention how a floating sanitary pad nearly entered my mouth. Yes, I found them floating all the time, it was a big turn off and sometimes it ‘cuts’ my swimming. Labadi Beach hosts so many people, including tourists, so I get ashamed when I see these things and smell all of those negative ‘flavours’. And we complain when they take bad stories about Ghana back to their countries.

But I went to the beach some weeks back, and even though I have visited like twice or so this year, it felt like I was at a different space altogether. I kept on asking myself if I was at that same Labadi Beach I used to visit several years ago. The place has transformed, right from the security at the gates to the water. It was hard to come across rubbish, and the water looked really clean. What happened? The layout of the beach has been changed I think, the restaurants/spots were orderly and the waitresses were very friendly this time around. I even tipped one of the girls who served us and if you know me very well, you know I don’t easily tip.20131020_160859-1

What I was worried about was how the prices of things have been doubled, and how the place had no rubbish bins. I had to carry an empty carton of this fruit juice I had for a very long time until I found a bin by this trader at the exit. Aside these, Labadi now looks like a spot where we should really patronize, we really enjoyed our 3 hours there even though we did not swim and I am looking forward to the next visit. Everybody had smart phones taking pictures of the place and basically having fun, listening to good music and eating good food. It also looks like the hawkers there are also making some good cash because there was an increase in numbers.

You guys should visit Labadi Beach and experience the freshness, I think it has been ‘born again’. I will go there next week, you are all invited, chale!

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