My Baby

My Neighbour, Ama
My Neighbour, Ama

I love babies, should have had mine by now. My closest friends, apart from one, hmmm… they have their own babies oo. M3NSA(check), WANLOV (double-double check), GLEN(void), NUNOO (check) and NANAYAW(check). It could have happened for me oo.


“What?! What are you telling me? How did it happen? I don’t think I came in you”

“Ah so why hasn’t my period come?”

“Maybe it has just delayed, give it some small time. Let’s say a week and let’s see, ok?

“You know this can’t happen now, I just entered the University.” sobs, “I can’t defer, what will my parents say, why is this happening now? I hate you!!

Phone cuts… He calls back…

“You know what? Just relax, go and buy a test kit and let me know the result in the morning, but know that I love you, no matter what happens, I will be here for you”

“I love you too, but I am scared. We can’t have a baby now”

My Neighbour, Ama
My Neighbour, Ama

Next morning… phone rings…

“It’s positive! I can’t think straight, my head is banging, I have to be in Accra over the weekend so we find something to do. My room-mate is suspecting something.”

“Forget about her, but don’t you want to have a baby with me?”

“Not at this time. Can you take care of a baby? You are not getting enough from your job and I am in school, our kid will just come and suffer. Just like you suffered. Smh”

“I hear you, come to Accra and let me know”

His friend, Sule, tells him about this hospital…

“Charle Sule, I beg just take me there when she comes, wai? I dey beg waa.”….

She comes, Sule takes them to the hospital. She is about to be called…

“I am scared. I simply hate you right now!” she cries.

“Don’t worry it will be fine, I am here for you.”

Doctor calls her, she enters and after a few minutes, she screams out loud. Then…..

My Neighbour, Ama
My Neighbour, Ama





23 thoughts on “My Baby

  1. This ‘to be continued’ det bore but we’ll wait. I admire how you write chale…Simple!!

      1. it gripped me from the start and then right at the end, such suspense!!! my mind all do me like she die chale!!!vim!!!cant wait to see the rest

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