My Baby (continuation)

…still silence. All one could hear were the birds scraping the aluminum roof, the whistle of the wind and 2 heartbeats, pounding in unison. His legs, butter. His manhood, shrunk. And still……….silence.

“Sule, what’s up? What dey happen? The place make quiet oo… or she bed?”

“Chale, errrm, e be like some yawa happen ooo, cos this never happen to me before. I bring 3 girls for here, this silence never happen!”

“Ah! So what happen? She crossover or what? That no for happen” He demands as he squats, stomach is turning; tears brewing in their ducts, his brain tossing.


“Chale, you be woman too much, make you stand, nothing happen. E be bedding wey she bed. You go do saa I go fear sef, ah! What that?!”

“Some body ein daughter oo.. make you no fool make I bore for here, kwasia, this place dey look like clinic to you? Herh, I swear after this my wood never go root again. See how….”


“Suuuleeee!!”, doctor yells. Sule runs into the room and the dirty brown curtain that secures entrance sways mournfully behind him.

After 2 minutes, Sule appears, supporting her with his right hand. She can’t walk straight, she limps, tears in her eyes and she keeps on biting her teeth. In pain.

After struggling to sit on bench she murmurs, “I don’t like you! I hate you! Why?!”

“Relax please, I have already collapsed and I am not ready to go down again. What happened? What did he do?”

She starts to cry hysterically. “She used something to suck out something that I think is the fetus from my inside. It was painful. I thought I was dead. I died!”

Sule starts walking away and speaks out, “chale. Make we go?”

As they get ready to leave, a man comes out of the room holding a box, and then he walks towards the rubbish bin.

“That Is the man, he sucked it out of me….and I think that is it, In the box!” she cries..


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2 thoughts on “My Baby (continuation)

  1. She didn’t die. Great! But the baby…she’ll never forget and he’ll never forget too,im sure.

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