We Human, Michael Bay is Possible

I had to blog on my lunch break…after eating. I have a hour just to eat and to me that is way too much because I usually use just 5 minutes to finish a meal, unless I am with a woman…my woman!!

Happy New Year to all of you, pardon my manners, I had to greet you all before starting this post. Is that even necessary? This year, I plan to post more on my blog and also put in place, some improvements. Yeah, allow me to surprise you!!

I have been following #CES2014, you know I love tech and all, but a video my colleague made me watch really got my attention, I had to watch it about 6 times before digestion happened. I was living in that moment, I knew what he was going through. It was a video of Michael Bay’s debut at #CES2014. I won’t provide a link to the video because it feels like, “that is me!!”. He was supposed to come talk about a new product Samsung has introduced, a modern TV, if I can put it that way.

Before this, I didn’t know who Mr. Bay was because I am not a movie person, but I have looked him up now, and chale, he is a big time director paa oo!! Anyway, he flopped on stage, like he couldn’t even start for him to finish. Dude started fumbling right from the onset and he blamed the teleprompter and how he was excited about the whole thing on his blog. But studying the video, you could see how tensed he was from the moment he walked on stage. How he raised his leg up when he shook hands with the host and how he started rubbing his palms etc when he started talking.

I have been tensed a couple of times on stage, I have messed up a whole performance before, some were not noticed, and i don’t know if others were noticed but yeah, I have messed up on stage, just like Michael Bay. The only difference is, I never walk off stage.

I will be ready for a performance, everything checked, I walk on stage and simply go blank, lost! I messed up my 2nd live performance on national tv, the TV3 Mentor Show in 2007 but no one noticed. I will never forget that moment.

I want to read into the ‘science’ of stage fright, how it happens, what causes it, how can one snap out of it fast… I want to..

But until then, do not Bay, please!!!
**posted this from my phone so pardon my mistakes!


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