The Afrikan Hustle

I had no idea who Joe Mensah was; I thought that, finally I had come across a Ghanaian musician I’ve never heard anything from, but I was totally wrong. And don’t think you don’t know this man. Well, you might not know him, but I am sure you’ve heard some of his works. He has hits for days! 2 of them you have heard over and over again on the radio but you just don’t know the person behind those songs. You have heard Bonsue and Rokpokpo, I tell you, thus, if you are into Ghanaian music.


Those two songs are on this album- The Afrikan Hustle, which was recorded at Decca Studios, Lagos, Nigeria. I couldn’t find anything about Joe on the Internet but from the little I know from other sources, his career really took off in Nigeria, at the Ambassador Hotel in Yaba, Lagos. Here, there was a ‘religious’ event every Sunday called ‘tea time dance’ and he performed regularly, and he later moved to the United States for a while.

This album has 4 songs, Bonsue, Ye Gbawa oo Baba, Rokpokpo and Bere Bere. All song were written, arranged and produced by Joe Mensah. George Piros mastered it in the U.S.A, the cover design is by Elombe Brath and photography by Kwame Brathwaite.


You will be amazed by some of the people who contributed to this album, Smart Nkansah was on lead guitar and vocal chorus and A.B. Crentsil was on rhythm guitar and vocal chorus.

Sadly, Joe Mensah died in 2003. May he rest in peace.


2 thoughts on “The Afrikan Hustle

  1. Look into the “Black Beats”, “High Class Diamonds”, “Spike Anyankor’s Rhythm Aces”, “Professional Uhuru”, “Ayonko Asiwa Group”, “Ashiedu Keteke Cultural Group” and keep on going.

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