Mr. Gaye


I was going to post about this harsh anti-gay law passed in Nigeria but I thought, if 92% of Nigerians are in favour, then who am I? Yes, according to recent polls, 92% of Nigerians are in favour, and already, they are lashing people 20 and things.

The Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act has brought about penalties of up to 14 years jail term for a gay marriage and 10 years, if you are a member of any gay club or you encourage such acts. So does this mean that, if I am in Nigeria and I write a blog post against this law or fight for gays, I can be in Nigeria’s Nsawam Prison for 10 years? Nah, like I want the lashes rather, charle! Not just that oo, Goodluck says, if gays are caught displaying public affection, you will also have your cool 10 years in Nigeria’s Nsawam Prison.


I said I am not going to post about this issue oo, because already 92% say they are in favour and that homosexuality is not Nigerian, but from the WEST. I went round asking this same 92% if they believe in freedom and they said YES, and I also asked if they believe we are all one, no matter our race or background, and they said YES. I ask this same 92% if they are aware Christianity and Islam are not Nigerian, and they said YES.

I said I am not going to post about this issue oo, but I want to know if Jesus and Muhammed hate gays. It is one question that I want answered, maybe by Goodluck himself. Anyway, I am not posting ooo, I beg you. I am now moving to the main reason for this post. But wait; is Nigeria for only Muslims and Christians?

I don’t want to get into ‘intoto’ but I believe people should have the right to have their freedom and equality, including Nigerians, no one should be punished for who they are or whom they have decided to love.

People, like you and I, are in power, chopping our money and are not punished, they are not lashed, they are not jailed, they don’t even ask for a refund and you are here doing this. Jesus loves you, no matter who you are or what you love..

Now, what was I coming to post about? Oh, I have even forgotten. Then why don’t I delete and post a proper one on this gay issue and talk my mind well well?



5 thoughts on “Mr. Gaye

  1. Leviticus 20:13 ESV
    If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them…

  2. At the Jermaine character, what’s your point in posting that scripture. I’m sure we can scrutinize your life and find u going against the bible. The bible was written by man and I’m sure it includes some if their ideas and what not. As a Christian myself, i highly doubt the God who describes himself/herself as love is homophobic. Oppression is a sin not homosexuality. Afrika will magnify peoples love life to distract us from real issues. Damn shame.

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