Komla-Dumor (1)

I have never wanted to be like the next person. At least, after I gained some ‘sense’ and became responsible. But I have some greats etched at the back of this brain of mine, they never leave and I don’t think they will. They are Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa and Robert Mugabe. Don’t judge me and I wont. Mandela, for his determination and strength. Mother Theresa, for her kindness. Mugabe, for his principles. Keep on judging me!

Many people get so confused as to why I am a spoken word artiste because of my speech disability and they get even more confused when they don’t hear me stammer when I am on stage doing my thing. I don’t know how that happens myself, but I am yet to see someone who stammers whilst singing. Away from the stage, I have prayed for a smooth speech so I could argue well (yes, I love to argue), and even though I stammer less now, compared to my primary/JSS days, I still pray, meditate and chant so it could vanish completely but alas… anyway, I got it from my dad and all my siblings from my dad’s side do stammer.

I see people speak and I wish I had that part of them, I just want to flow without breaks, without losing my breath without prior thinking or psyching, without stress but… one man that I admire when it comes to ‘speech’ is Komla Dumor. Oh shit! He is dead! Then let me take that again- one man I admired was Komla Dumor. I admired how he used very simple words, but always relayed his point well. How he enunciated certain words. How he put emphasis on words. I wanted all of that. From the beginning, when I used to listen to him on the Morning Show on Joy fm, I started questioning god, I asked him several times, “why, why didn’t you let me speak like this man!” but I guess there is a reason for everything under the sun, right?

I was so sad, when news came last Saturday about his death, I didn’t want to believe it because I watched him a day before or so, then I remembered, Death doesn’t knock. I wish his family well.

He was even going to nominate me for this year’s Blogcamp awards and since he is no more I guess you guys have to do that for me. The process is simple. Go to http://www.blogcampghana.com/social-media-awards/nominate/

BEST BLOG- mutombodapoet.wordpress.com

BEST MALE BLOGGER-mutombodapoet.wordpress.com

BEST TUMBLR ACCOUNT-mutombodapoet.tumblr.com

BEST TWITTER ACCOUNT – @mutombodapoet(its obvious)


Just vote oo!!wai

Godspeed, Komla!


Thunder, cymbals, shudder and thimbles

came pushing through front door.

Frights, mayhem, praying for flights,

because they were dressed like cavemen.

We push, they shove,

plans of arson, burn bush on the stove.

But we sport medieval shield and open door to yield

and thunder, cymbals, shudder and thimbles

whisper, “Komla is safe.”


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