Wanlov and Blakk Rasta are Friends!!

We all know about @BlakkRasta and @wanlov, we know they are not friends from since chale! But they became real enemies when Blakk Rasta attacked Wanlov at the studios of Joy fm somewhere in 2013. We know what happened after that, there were even police reports, threats and all them things. I even remember Wanlov wrote a lengthy letter to Blakkrasta. Errmm, hold on, let me find that letter for you guys, I am sure it is online somewhere….there- Wanlov’s letter to Blakk Rasta

I didn’t like the whole issue, I remember speaking to Blakk Rasta one afternoon to talk about Wanlov, all what he is doing and my stand on it. Obviously, you guys know my stand, anaa? That was after he heard a song by the foknbois (Wanlov and M3NSA).

Anyway, moving on > That whole Wanlov and Blakk Rasta issue had died. We all thought Wanlov was done with him because Blakk accusing him of doing cocaine was a big deal. Wanlov doesn’t even smoke weed, he just smokes fish, and I can bet my life on this.

Last Sunday (9th March), we were coming from an event we went at Busua, in the Western Region, at our rest stop in Cape Coast, something happened in my presence and I still cant believe it. Wanlov and Blakk Rasta are cool friends again. I wont even talk much, here is a video and some pictures. When M3NSA called my attention to it, it just didn’t believe it so I had to take some shots and a short video so I could watch over and over again.

wanlov and blakk rasta
wanlov and blakk rasta
wanlov and blakk rasta
wanlov and blakk rasta

But I know how Wanlov is, and this has even made me respect (not respekt oo, not the Jamaican accent one) him more. He loves, no matter what.

The moral of the story is, Wanlov and Blakk Rasta are very good friends now.



6 thoughts on “Wanlov and Blakk Rasta are Friends!!

  1. How did you arrive at the conclusion that they are very good friends now.Did you get close to hear what they were discussing or either of them has told you about it. I’m only asking because pictures and a video alone do not speak of the entire truth. Thank you

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