Abossey Okai Spare Parts

Most Ghanaians know about Abossey Okai. Almost everyone will think of ‘Spare Parts’ the moment they hear ‘Abossey Okai’. This friend that I have will think ‘home’, I wonder how she is able to relax during the day with all the noise and chants. Abossey Okai, a suburb in Accra is the hub of spare parts in Ghana, I know there is another serious one in Kumasi, but I think Abossey Okai is bigger. I stand to be corrected. If you are a Kumasi bogga and you know this, kindly comment wai?

Anyway, you can get everything you want for your cars (no matter the make), motorbikes, trucks, ‘caterpillars’, you name it and the good thing here is, you can always bargain.

I was there over the weekend, not to buy a spare part but to eat waakye with friends, yes, there is a good waakye spot there as well. On out way out, I decided to take a small fun video and show you guys.

I hear that I have been nominated in 4 categories in the blogging and social media awards for this year. If you like my blogs (this one and mutombodapoet.tumblr.com) and you think my twitter presence is dope as an artiste, kindly go to http://www.blogcampghana.com/voting/ and vote for me please. But I really think the Best Twitter Profile should go to @GhanaInPix. Check out their twitter.




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