Are you drinking poison?

If you are a doctor, nutritionist, dietician or a health personnel reading this, I need a little bit of help-I know it is wrong to store water under direct sunlight. No one taught me this, I used my common-sense because I don’t like warm/hot water on my skin, so I know it’s not good for my inside.

Sachet Water aka Pure Water, is stored in ways that dey make I dey think constant. Most of the dealers expose them to sunlight and when you even see the environment that these products are stored, chale, e no good kraa! I lost about 10 pictures that I took some weeks back. Then I dey want show you guys how some people dey store the pure water wey you dey buy dey drink always.



About 2 months ago, I was in Labadi for some business, and I saw this truck parked in front of a house, the bucket of this truck was packed with pure water, and the truck looked like it had been there for ages. So I go ask some woman wey na she dey sell kofi brokeman for the side, I asked her what’s up with the truck and she said it had been broken down for over 7 months and it’s now used to store pure water. What? Direct sunlight?! Come on! Until I am told that this has no health effect, I am not cool. Are we safe? What are the authorities doing about this habit, or they have other serious issues like the prevention of Ebola from entering the country to think about?

I am waiting for you health guys to tell me what this does to the body. Kindly comment or tweet @mutombodapoet


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