New Spoken Word Track



So we were in M3NSA’s makeshift studio in his Dansoman residence. I cant really remember where we were doing, but I am very sure he was working on COZ OV MONI 2 and I told him I wanted beats. Pardon me if I am telling lies here, can’t really remember what he was doing then. I don’t want to tell petty lies anymore and I know, I should have left that out…I can’t delete chale.


After whatever he was doing, he opened a folder for me. That folder had tons of beats. I went through and chose a couple. But it was this beat that I started writing to. In my head. The beat is from M3NSA’S homie in England, a dope producer called Kensaye.

I was writing this piece and I didn’t really know what I was talking about so the title, ‘Love. The Most Confusing Thing I Had To Explain. Never Doing It Again… Chale’ is quite true.

If you listen to it closely, you will realize that, how I delivered it isn’t really my style. M3NSA had to keep on checking my speed and kept on telling me to relax, to slow down. Honestly, I love the end product.

Here is my latest single called ‘Love.The Most Confusing Thing I Had To Explain. Never Doing It Again… Chale’. DOWNLOAD




6 thoughts on “New Spoken Word Track

  1. Honestly, I love the piece though. Oops! Did I just say I “love” ?? Just playing. But seriously it’s good vibes as you always deliver. Simple words and self-explanatory – the way you just ‘explained’. Keep doing the good work boss. Poetry is Life. Let’s live it. Thank you 🙂

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