I Am Vlogging!

photo (1)

I know you haven’t read anything from me in a while. There are so many things on my mind that I have to share but…PROCRASTINATION. I go like, “I will post tonight” and go like “okay, tomorrow.” Repeat this over and over again. But I will back up, things will be great, I will post more often, I will make you happy. And it is starting from now.

I have great news though. It might not be that great to you but it is to me, and since…whatever. Just pretend you are happy and it’s great news when I tell you. I have started vlogging. What a word! Anyway, I am now video blogging, trying to keep up with the time, trying to get trendy.

You know what I expect of you. Subscribe and tell others too about it. I am getting into this whole blogging affair and it’s getting very interesting.  My vlog basically is about everything that I encounter in my life, throughout my day, I already have some videos on there and I promise to post more frequently. So yeah, kindly subscribe and tell others as well.

Ghana is playing USA today. Good luck to the Blackstars.


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