Train The Whole Of Ghana


Yesterday, 25th of June, 2014 was the first time I got close to a train here in Ghana. I always see them in traffic, especially at Circle when the traffic warden have to stop the movement of traffic for the ‘metallic snake’ to whisk by. Quite recently, all the trains I see here in Ghana are clad in the national colours. And pardon me if I have been seeing just one train all the time.

To be honest, seeing the train clad in the national colours is so beautiful, but I have asked myself so many times-what does the red, yellow, green and that black star mean on the ‘metallic snake’. Maybe the Red is for the butchers who transport their meat with dripping blood. The Yellow, for that credit (talk-time) seller who has been lucky to get souvenirs from MTN and can’t wait to get to the heart of the city and pray for a traffic jam at his favourite spot. The green, for that huge market woman, who has kontomire, cabbage and other crops in a basket that gracefully sits on her laps, cursing all the train stops because she needs to get to the market on time. And the Black for that mechanic aka fitter, who is readily dressed in his workshop overalls that’s covered with ‘dirty oil’.

By the way, here is a video I made of the train at Abelemkpe. After this, you can find it on my vlog.

Utility bills keep on going up. There is news that they are going to increase the price of fuel in some days and that means transport fares are going to go up. I should visit trotro stations and shoot scenes of ‘trotro-mates’ arguing/fighting with passengers over the increment. Trust me, it always happens.

I have been told that commuting by train is far cheaper than a car. For instance, from Abelempke to Tema by train, is 1Ghc. I asked a colleague of mine who stays in Tema how much he pays when he goes home with a trotro and he said 3Ghc. So if the train is cheaper, why isn’t it common here in Ghana and why don’t they have so many routes? I would expect people to be able to get anywhere at all, whether Mataheko, Wenchi, Abeka Lapaz, East Legon, Walewale, Swedru, Bolga, Ashongman, Ho etc, by train.

We spend money on shit. Sorry, I didn’t mean us, I mean, the government spends money on shit. They come to power and all they think about is themselves and their families. Misappropriating funds as well as embezzling huge sums from the national coffers. And there is work to be done! We scream ‘development”, but lack certain basic amenities. Now look, I barely have power in my house, yet, they are going to increase the tariff in a couple of days. And we are here, messing around, fooling…just fooling!! Failing to act. Okay!

We will realize this, but it will be too damn late. For me, I am happy, I got close to the metallic snake yesterday. I leave the rest to who ever.

If you haven’t seen the vlog that I just started, check it out here and subscribe and share this post with vim.



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