Yes, I said it! Fuck Africa and Africans, especially Ghanaians! I am tired of us, and our petty minds. Fuck the mind that controlled me in the past. I hate you for making me think so petty. Especially, after our chants about how Africa is rich in everything, from natural resources to ‘intelligent’ and ‘well-educated’ human resources.

Why am I mad? I am really not mad. I am too fed up with the situation in my country to be mad or pissed, and my dog brings me too much comfort. I’m scared of Ebola, I have been opening doors with a fist and even touching that part of the door where I know people don’t usually touch. I have been washing my hands like I drain shit from the septic tank with them every 20mins. I have soap at the entrance of my door in the house, I wash my hands before I enter my room, so yeah, I’m scared of Ebola.

It is killing so many in West Africa. So far, it’s killed over 600 people and it’s still killing. What scares me most is how patients of Ebola have just about a 5% chance to live. That’s mean! I tweeted about how a cure would be a blessing to ‘African-mankind’, the same for the killer disease called Aids. Let me just stop this plenty talk and go to my main issue>

2 Americans were infected with Ebola and the first thing I said was, “we will see if they will die!” Honestly, I knew they wouldn’t die. Why? They are Americas, for Pete’s sake! In the same vein, I apologize for my petty mind. Once again, fuck my brain!


People took to social media saying how so many Africans were dying from Ebola, and all of a sudden, a SECRET SECRUM seems to be working on one of the Americans, now two. They are health workers who were working in Liberia. Dr. Kent Brantly took a shower by himself and was able to walk when he landed in Atlanta. People were, and are still dissing America/The West for being evil and saving the best for themselves and this is what I really don’t understand. You yell “Independence”. You even fought for this! You are capable of managing your own! You fought! So why don’t you fight to save your people from dying from a disease that most of you think is happening because of a curse?

You have doctors, nurses and health workers who went to big schools in the States, England, etc. Most of these doctors were even better in school than these same doctors who research and find cures and vaccines for deadly diseases. What is really wrong? They should give you their cure, so that what? They should save your people so that what? I mean, it will be heartwarming if they really ‘find’ a cure so people can stop dying of this disease but at the end of the day, it’s their choice. And who mentioned GLOBAL VILLAGE? Are you serious? If this village was A VILLAGE, we wouldn’t see bombings in the Middle East, Ukraine and Russia would have been breaking bread and sipping old wine, Boko Haram would have been just another name for an akpeteshie spot in Nigeria so what are you saying?

Are you really sure we live in a Global Village? Should I go on? Nonsense!

This morning on twitter someone told me that Ghana needs facilities. Last Saturday, my doctor friend told me about how doctors in Ghana stand on kitchen stools to perform surgery etc. So we say we have gold, oil, cash crops and more cash crops, what is happening to all that money? Someone at the top is just stuffing his stomach with 44 million folds so he can have more when he leaves power. Then you bash America for not giving you an Ebola cure.Nonsense!

I remember some years ago, during the Arab uprising, some Ghanaians were stranded in Libya. Do you remember how they suffered before the government jumped in? Do you? Just 2 American health workers and see how America moved fast. Keep quiet and suffer, don’t talk…suffer!

If I don’t stop here I will say things that won’t be too good! Take care of your own, they will help if they decide to.





  1. Who are these rats insulting their motherland.Yes it is accepted that Africans are really underdeveloped but that does not mean you should use harsh and abusive words like “fuck” on any social media.
    We Spanish here cannot or will never insult our country with words like fuck.I have been to Ghana befoore and I saw that it is a fine country just that the technological development is very low but trust me mind your words when speaking on social media
    you chicken immigrants

    1. lol, are you serious bro?
      You are the epitome of brain washed. A man is allowed to criticize his own country. I know that criticizing Africans is illegal in the E.U., but get ahold of yourself, and cast off your simplistic view of the world

  2. Who are these rats insulting their motherland? Yes we know that Africans are underdevelopped but that does not mean that you should insult them.Woud’nt it be better if you were there helping with your fucking mind?
    I was there some months ago and I believe that country is a great nation but its just that their technological development is very low but that does not give you the guaranttee to use abusive words on them
    fuck u all

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