Yes, I said it! Fuck Africa and Africans, especially Ghanaians! I am tired of us, and our petty minds. Fuck the mind that controlled me in the past. I hate you for making me think so petty. Especially, after our chants about how Africa is rich in everything, from natural resources to ‘intelligent’ and ‘well-educated’ human resources.

Why am I mad? I am really not mad. I am too fed up with the situation in my country to be mad or pissed, and my dog brings me too much comfort. I’m scared of Ebola, I have been opening doors with a fist and even touching that part of the door where I know people don’t usually touch. I have been washing my hands like I drain shit from the septic tank with them every 20mins. I have soap at the entrance of my door in the house, I wash my hands before I enter my room, so yeah, I’m scared of Ebola.

It is killing so many in West Africa. So far, it’s killed over 600 people and it’s still killing. What scares me most is how patients of Ebola have just about a 5% chance to live. That’s mean! I tweeted about how a cure would be a blessing to ‘African-mankind’, the same for the killer disease called Aids. Let me just stop this plenty talk and go to my main issue>

2 Americans were infected with Ebola and the first thing I said was, “we will see if they will die!” Honestly, I knew they wouldn’t die. Why? They are Americas, for Pete’s sake! In the same vein, I apologize for my petty mind. Once again, fuck my brain!


People took to social media saying how so many Africans were dying from Ebola, and all of a sudden, a SECRET SECRUM seems to be working on one of the Americans, now two. They are health workers who were working in Liberia. Dr. Kent Brantly took a shower by himself and was able to walk when he landed in Atlanta. People were, and are still dissing America/The West for being evil and saving the best for themselves and this is what I really don’t understand. You yell “Independence”. You even fought for this! You are capable of managing your own! You fought! So why don’t you fight to save your people from dying from a disease that most of you think is happening because of a curse?

You have doctors, nurses and health workers who went to big schools in the States, England, etc. Most of these doctors were even better in school than these same doctors who research and find cures and vaccines for deadly diseases. What is really wrong? They should give you their cure, so that what? They should save your people so that what? I mean, it will be heartwarming if they really ‘find’ a cure so people can stop dying of this disease but at the end of the day, it’s their choice. And who mentioned GLOBAL VILLAGE? Are you serious? If this village was A VILLAGE, we wouldn’t see bombings in the Middle East, Ukraine and Russia would have been breaking bread and sipping old wine, Boko Haram would have been just another name for an akpeteshie spot in Nigeria so what are you saying?

Are you really sure we live in a Global Village? Should I go on? Nonsense!

This morning on twitter someone told me that Ghana needs facilities. Last Saturday, my doctor friend told me about how doctors in Ghana stand on kitchen stools to perform surgery etc. So we say we have gold, oil, cash crops and more cash crops, what is happening to all that money? Someone at the top is just stuffing his stomach with 44 million folds so he can have more when he leaves power. Then you bash America for not giving you an Ebola cure.Nonsense!

I remember some years ago, during the Arab uprising, some Ghanaians were stranded in Libya. Do you remember how they suffered before the government jumped in? Do you? Just 2 American health workers and see how America moved fast. Keep quiet and suffer, don’t talk…suffer!

If I don’t stop here I will say things that won’t be too good! Take care of your own, they will help if they decide to.





  1. Am feeling your frustration from top to bottom. We are taking many steps back as a nation. Your rant about skilled and educated Africans abroad coming back to help their countries might be little far from reality. I was recently in Ghana, and got a gig at GNPC ITdepartment (btw nothing to desire about that department). I met this guy who had moved from the US to take a job in that department. He explained to me the frustrations of working in Ghana. Apart from the fact that the department is headed by someone who had no experience in technology, nothing gets done and “phat” bonuses goes out every week. He tried countless times to improve the department with his past skills and education but gets shout down by “oga at the top” [orders from above.] That’s just a few. Am sure it cuts across the whole of Africa. Why do you think anyone will want to put up with these mindless BS when they can just sit and relax in the comforts of their foreign homes. First eradicate the primitive and corrupt minds of these “ogas at the top” and lets talk.

  2. Nice article. U did justice to it. But I think the f**k word is a bit too harsh. U cld have used a phrase lyk……”FUCK THEM ALL”. Hahahahaaa…..nyc job done buddy

  3. Bro i feel your pain and there is no worst disease or infection than the African people itself.

  4. I can’t agree any better with u. Hit it right there on the head. An adult who has weaned himself from his parent , doesn’t expect his daddy to still give him pocket money to feed his family. Independence has no other meaning aside independence. Africa must know its by it self and help it self in the spirit of independence. I don’t care about the fuck part. If it needs said so be it. Damn Africa my mother land.

  5. Clearly you’re petty minded, I can’t waste time educating someone like you. That’s 5 minutes of my time wasted I’m never going to get back.

    1. But you did waste time to read the article and a few more to tell him why you won’t waste time to educate him. If it was time you weren’t trying to waste then the obvious is that you aren’t too bright about saving time or you really have nothing informative to say.. Cos 90 comment.. You lost more than 5 minutes reading and commenting..

  6. The simplest solution, take charge Africa’s young generation. Actively refuse to not make a difference.

    1. You are absolutely right, the youth has to rise now, its now or never, we allow the older generation too much freedom to mess with us, they use their hate from the past to ruin our continent and we sit here and complain. The new generation need to fight to older generation, all this is their fault, most African countries are being led by greedy and clueless older men. This must stop.

  7. You don’t need to be ghanaians to feel so moved about this.I am cameroonian , living in France and I totally agreed about our petty conditions as africans…Begglars. We always need the sympathy of the international community to react… I mean to fake reaction. I am personally tired to be positive when our governments drag us down. I don’t know if you heard about boko haram kidnapping, killing people in the north area of cameroon… This is an old story: but when they kidnapped a french priest and an entire french family touring around, The french president “summoned” all the presidents of the concerned countries(Nigeria, Cameroon…) to fight against terrorism. Can you imagine how many african men, women, childre where sacrified before they decided to “strike” Boko Haram” because of a dozen of western people? this episode and Ebola make me sick as you. And I appreciate your honesty. It is so much better than lying about how it is great to have a big house and drive a big car back home…Don’t know if I can say: proud to be black again.

    I would like to join a group ACTING to solve this kind of problem on the field but believe me. No one would like to join because african people mind is so busy with Entertainment, wig, extension, and their appearance when we can no longer be so blurred.

    I don’t know if you guys read my English well but I just hope you had the message.

      1. Trust me I m sooo pissed off about this. People are right when they say we just complaining about this but we do nothing. I do want to do something but it seems like people around me are deaf, and blind….

        1. Hi Lily, So I will just like to know something you said earlier that you will like to join an acting group to solve these kind of problem. However my question is, why don’t you begin the movement? I believe one of the core issue is that we are always waiting for someone else to begin and then we will only follow. Everyone can take the lead you just have to stand up.

          By the way, I think this is a nice article @Mutombo da Poet, you have clearly made good points of the actual issues, but it would have been even better to also add some possible solutions as well. May be we should really stop complaining and start acting the way we can.

          Just as Mahamat Ghandi said; “If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. … We need not wait to see what others do.”

          1. Mounkam et al:

            Thank you for your points. I like that some of us, like you, can continue to stay proactive, remain optimistic, and continue remind others to keep trying until the Lord calls upon us. Maybe, just a little maybe, give some of us and folks like Mutombo the benefit of the doubt that we may have tried what you are suggesting and it fell to deaf ears, funny about that expression.

            With respect to our President, not intending to disrespect or call him out but I have already contacted him and heard nothing back. My initial thought was this, I guess I am unimportant because that is how I take that to mean with no courtesy of response. My rational thought was, he is a busy man running a country with complex challenges. So I hold my tongue in check not to disrespect the man. I am extremely proud of him and what he is trying to do for our country. I still patiently stand ready to help when he can have one of his staff get a hold of me.

            I have contacted the Ghana embassy in the US, they called me back on the phone, and haven’t gotten back to me since and its been almost 3 months. I want to help like many who have been fortunate to get education in the States. I want to give back to country. I want to be part of the solution. We have a group that is starting a non-profit organization to offer our help to those in need. So I am sure others are doing the same and heeding to what you are saying.

            I suspect we need to be part of some elite network to gain access to present our ideas infused with solutions to leadership. I am really not sure where the entry door is located granting access to our leadership. I am really not sure what else to use to have someone contact us back to hear us out. Yet, I remain optimistic and continue find other ways to become part of the solution.

            But there is always a but and I think thats what Mutombo eloquently narrated. It’s a mixed bag of frustrations that leads to saying F- so many times that the word looses meaning at the second read and sound.

            I think the challenge is that we are having to go up against, something we really don’t have a choice but having to do. Rather than going along with, we are ALWAYS going UP AGAINST our own people, our own government, and fighting to get noticed to share our ideas and possible solutions. We don’t want to fight but we have to and not by choice.

            We are going up against a SYSTEM that is so ingrained in elitistism, corruption, and the SELF-FULFILLING PROPHECY of false expectations that only those in power have all the answers. Therefore, most people say nothing and those of us who say something live in fear that we may tick someone off and then – I will let you imagine what happens to those that challenge the status quo.

            I, like you, and Mutombo, and commenters, want to help. But unless and until our leaders are willing and able, become open to allow us to help, give us the chance to help, our possible solutions, be it setting up a movement, a tribe, offer solutions, and don’t forget we still have to present these to the same leadership, we continue to run into brick walls thicker that the ones used to build Great Walls of China. I could write a full blog on this.

            Bottom line is that our system is based on false expectations that we look to leaders at the top for answers. Our system’s leadership live on false expectations that they should provide the answers. Most of these leaders live on false expectations that ONLY those around them with immediate reporting hierarchical structure should come up with answers. These false expectations have been here before you and I were born, before our leaders were born, and as long as humans have cognitively understood the meaning of the word. Therefore, we may be stuck in the endless self-fulfilling prophecy, false expectation loop that needs to be broken with new ways of tapping into informal leaders at the bottom to rise up to the occasion – to your point.

            Maybe I am clueless and it is what it is so I must accept it. But history is drought with past leaders, individuals who stood up, said “hey you over there at the bottom say that again?” Those leader are immortal and we hailed daily but fail to live by their examples. I could list them but I think many of you have the same names: Dr. Nkrumah, Ghandi, W.E.B Dubois and so on.

            At the end of the day, someone like Mutombo has to finally rise up, take the risk with their lives, say something, and the rest of us must not give up hope but continue to ASK our leaders for a few minutes of their time, so that we can present a different perspective – possible solutions to complex challenges facing our world. The rest of us must get behind Mutombo and resonate the same message so that hopefully, a leader will eventual hear us our cry that WE ONLY WANT TO BE PART OF THE SOLUTION and don’t mean to come across as complainers.

            Our complains, perceived with false expectation lens is after all our attempt to say “hey, can I please offer help?”

            Thank you Mutombo. Well written. Stay blessed and don’t stop reminding us that this terrible disease is a sign that all of us are eventually gonna go regardless of how we pretend to think we are immortals.

            Have a great weekend all and lets all continue to pray for the best, pray for the families at loss, pray for world peace, and keep hope alive.

          2. Your comment proves one more time that Ghana, as all other countries in Africa, have noble, patriotic and well educated people who are deeply sad that so much potential is wasted on political, tribal and ego-driven bickering. The valid question remains how to activate good people and allow for tangible results that may bring lasting changes. As so many placed in the world prove, destroying might be as human as building but only the latter can give us hope. If hope goes away there is not much to live for. I believe that the hope can live only when we communicate, organize and act toward solutions.

  8. This is not affecting only western africa but all of us… and everybody should feel concerned.BUT…

  9. We Have Doctors whose interest is to sit down not doing anything and after Six to eight go on strike demanding for Huge sums of Money for their selfish Needs, Researchers in America, England etc were your Mates in School so how come they found the Cure for Ebola & the Rest of the Deadliest Diseases in the Past, Ignorant Selfish Ghanian African Doctors & Health Workers, Yes i Said it stop thinking about yourself Today & think for the Future because you may Die today But you will Still live in the Future (your Family) so Make Africa & the Rest of the World A Better Place to Live. GOD BLESS AMERICA. YES I SAID IT

    1. It is easy to blame doctors. Doctors who get exposed to HIV, Ebola,Hepatitis,Crazy people, viruses, Bacteria on a daily basis. So is their family. Cos when they go home they hug their wives and kids who in turn are exposed. Doctors who have to get private health insurance from insurance companies who bill them heftily cos they are high risk. Doctors who receive peanuts as hazard allowance while people in government get huge amounts for wardrobe allowance. All these after studying for 8- 10 years- hard labor cos u have to be good before you get the degree.
      Am not even going to bother saying what you’ve written is a great injustice to the many doctors trying to make good of a bad environment. Stools to do surgery. Lack of equipment for proper universal precautions in hospital.Have you ever stood on a stool for hours bending over a patient holding their life in your hands. Let me tell u. U get this wonderful feeling when u save the patients life. U praise God for using u to save anoda life. Then u go home and u can’t have sex with ur wife cos ur back aches, you’ve missed your kids first steps cos u were too busy saving lives. Heck, you couldn’t even be at ur baby’s delivery cos u were with a patient. Then your kid asks for a bicycle and u can’t afford it.
      Then one miraculous day, a friend tells you there is a wonderful country looking heck begging for doctors cos they have doctor shortage. You move ur family. The work is 10 times more, u still don’t see ur family much but ur kid smiles at u on his new bike as u drive into ur driveway. U still have backache and can’t have sex with ur wife but u can afford the occassional weekend getaway for marathon sex. Ur wife is happy cos cooking and storing food is so much easier.oh the childlike joy on her face cos of constant electrical supply.Ur kids tell you ‘ daddy don’t ever take us back to Africa’. Heck,they behave well and obey u anytime u threaten a trip to Africa. They now know daddy is busy but he is a good provider. These are seemingly little things but we all know its the little things that add up and make life good
      And in all this chaos a doctor has only one life. If he can’t be a hero to his family? What is a doctor’s legacy? He saves Africans and Africa destroys his relationship with his loved ones. Doctors aren’t demi- gods who don’t require the basic necessities of life.
      In my heart, I want to change Africa but I look at my kids and realize the sacrifice will be too much for me to bear. A hero to Africa I am not. Am content to be a hero to my family.

  10. Honestly i cant agree more, Africans hate Africans, we think money is everything, we have been so brainwashed that we don’t realize that wisdom and knowledge is far more important than money, we don’t realize that love for one another is more important than money, Africans see money and want it all so they can oppress and dominate the next person, have stupid pride. They think that’s the only way they get respect, most of the people who go abroad to study and get all the degrees don’t do it for knowledge, but so they can have better employment and have more money. I so wish this Ebola hits all the politicians so they can be rejected by foreign hospitals and since there are no facilities locally in Africa for treatment, they can die eventually.

  11. You are grumbling about Ebola. . . .right now in Accra, “CHOLERA’s” on the rise . . . in insidious numbers. . . .how do you know those two so called survivors didn’t just have CHOLERA . . . .do you know how long EBOLA has been around for. . . . .40 years or more . . . .is this chaos not a way of these so called senior WESTERN countries taking control of our nations . . .. keep us panicked and in the meantime show you can help cure and help . . . .and then when all commotion sets afire alllow them to move further bodies . . .controlling positioned people to come in and help . . .the main OIL countries of the West Coast of Africa . . .the same way war broke in Sierra Leone and Liberia . . . so yeah i get and do agree with you being fucked off . . .but what fuck’s me off is the fact that every time some foreign country claims it’s that so called man made disease . .i say man made because these same countries create these diseases to keep us controlled and at their mercy, we automatically believe them? Where mercenaries, missionaries, spies and other wise not dying of EBOLA in eastern Africa years ago . . . i even remember watching tv series and films where these incidents transpired . . . .how is it that in the UK, when you arrive today and have “malaria”, they still don’t know how to treat it, so they quarantine you and approach you dressed like spacemen . . . if you cannot manage malaria, can you truly handle ebola, and does this not again show they are in control of some of these so called viruses that they have created . . . .did they not bring the plague amongst themselves . . . when their governing or ambassadorial bodies visit our local villages, then fly home . . .have they recently been quarantined? Why is it when it comes to us they are ready to label, but considering some of them have been roaming these African lands for quite some time now . . .why and how is it only Africans/Black people who are getting this disease and yet only 2 Americans have gotten it . . .i know, i’ve gone of track . . .. my point is, on the West Coast of Africa, the current OIL top countries, and we are the main holders of this disease . . . or is it a discreet way to take over as war cannot be instigated again at this point?

  12. How about Fuck the person that wrote this article…what has he done to help his country. Nothing…it’s so easy to sit behind a computer and talk about how the less privilaged should help themselves when you have all the opportunities you need sitting before you. We all know that a lot of African politicians are corrupt, but what is being done about it? Huh? Has the person who wrote this article ran for office in his country? Has he provided any medical equipment to the hospitals which he mentions in his article? Has he made any significant change anywhere in his life? No…so how about he shut the fuck up. He can’t even write a grammatically correct article. You think if the people who are dying had a means of saving themselves they wouldn’t? I’m so mad people are agreeing with this retard…we have become desensitized to death and pain that we can sit back and wish suffering upon a whole nation of people…smh let ME stop before I say too much

      1. @francis …. totally a minor . kiddy brain . Fuck your thoughts about the person who wrote the article . Should he have bragged about whatever effort he has made? same person who would have said shit if he did . He shared his frustration . May be you are not living in Africa , you would have known that “oga” means boss in every sense . okay , how about you didn’t comment and went ahead to cure Ebola . Fuck your kiddy thoughts . Grow the fuck up !!!.

    1. do u expect the writer to use his money to buy these things after paying his tax? the politicians do not use their pocket money to run the country. the misuse the money they collect from the poor. that is what the writer is complaining about.

  13. Piece very well written, from what i know of you, you would have written with a lot more fire if you were really as angry as the background of the literature portrays. Motombo, vex some more and do a sharper part 2 of this. I will share this link on all my social media pages, way3 de3…Mo!

      1. what mean Chale ? U or nigerian ppl use it al lot ? Is it a kind of “my dear”?

          1. Chale is Ghanian Lily although some Nigerians have adopted it. It can mean so many things.. My friend,my man,my personal person and to some extent my dear.

  14. Tackle Religious Fanaticism, Stupid and primitive ideas about family, marriage, offspring then you would be 60% solving African complicated backwardness. I tell you this corruption is a consequence of the above factors. Problems of Africa are mostly Social but disrupting all other facets of African lives. Africa needs to change her philosophies about everything. Africa needs to ask herself if all what she has held on to for centuries is valid for innovation and development. Developed Societies go all out, make sacrifices to become great. But Africans are about divining “the true nature God and Religion”, “Marriage”, “Children”, “Fanatical Chastity” but behold Africa lives in the darkest of the “Darks”. Ninety Percent of Africans lives are only about those and nothing more. Until Africa becomes aware that there is more to existence than the mention factors above, she will continue to grope in the dark.

  15. this is their next move on how to get this chaos to truly take over and control us . . .create wars and revolutions and get the young, the hungry and probably the uneducated to take a stand, a hazardous move by us fighting and destroying ourselves and them coming in to take over to sort all the shit out . . .ebola may be a disease, it is also the stem of an national and international unnatural take over . . . .don’t feed into the crap you are reading and hearing till you meet someone you do know who actually has, has been diagnosed and proved ebola positive . . till then….don’t feed the enemy . 🙂

  16. When Africans die, the world is unfazed – why should they be? It isn’t an unusual occurrence. That’s what Africans do, we die, either by disease, corruption, ignorance or just plain stupidity. We die because we do not stand up for one another, we do not teach our children to do better and so therefore the cycle continues and we continue to die. And we die until we are truly dead – and then we become a statistic; another stupid as shit African bites the dust – who gives a fuck? No one, not even ourselves. If we did, we would fight – unite in knowledge, currency and faith and reclaim our lives from all of the factors eating us alive. Until then we will just die, and no one will save us – why should they? We are equipped to save ourselves we just choose to die. Ebola is not the beginning or the end, just another page in our inheritance that will eventually lead to an uneventful African death. Percy, you are afraid of Ebola because you do not want to die, you use words which are your gift to express that and as someone who doesn’t want to die as just another statistic – I hear you – that is the cure.

    1. “That’s what Africans do, we die, either by disease, corruption, ignorance or just plain stupidity” Truer words were never spoken lol

      1. I have a problem with logic of your comment. If what you say Africans do is true then it must be also true that Africans are not capable of doing individual things and just allow others to lead them to some kind of socio-political slotter like a bunch of sheep. In my opinion the reality is different: no true leader in people ever yields to such injustice against all the ods. If you’d say Africa has the leadership crisis, I agree. Never doubt that a small group of people can change the world; that is the only thing thar ever has.

  17. I think also, regarding this “secret serum”, it is ludicrous to regard it as an absolute “cure” that will save everyone and end the outbreak. It simply worked on two individuals, one was miraculous and the other less so. It has no been in wide-mass use.

    Even if the “secret serum” was in wide-mass use in West Africa, it may not live up to expectations and “fail”. This would lead to accusations of the US/West experimenting and exploiting others to benefit themselves.

    So it’s either the US/West looking unsympathetic and self-righteous by not giving the “secret serum” or if they provide the experimental drug in wide use then it may be looked at exploiting the African people once again.

  18. I think our past independent strugglers will be weeping beside their empty graves seeing Africa the land of riches, this way. Sometimes i get so pissed to see our leaders we thought will integrate strategic police to change the thinking malady of our people from backwardness to focussed – visioned minded people to awake the dormant brains to start thinking today and grow. Until we have come to the realization that we are wogs and not whites? Our situations will never change, the black brain is in it raw bashing state with no critical advancement then where are we heading towards as one common ingnorant people sitting on rich soils smelling black boots for a day’s meal. We love food but we barely feed ourselves so who do we blame? Our leaders or ourselves – i say my words out loud, is only the people who love their country fight for the right things to be done. The Spirit Of Independence I evoke! – grab a copy of my book. AND HERE I STAND BESIDE AN EMPTY GRAVE. A story by Kwku Abban.

  19. You sound absolutely ridiculous, i have to wonder if you eat lead paint chips for breakfast and put asbestos in your jollof rice for dinner. Not only is this “rant’ disjointed, you leave out SO many facts. For example, Malaria kills more people every DAY than Ebola ever will. As for contracting the illness, unless you plan on wallowing in the bodily fluids of an infected patient or having sex with a bat or a monkey, you’re safe from contracting it. IDIOT. http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/aug/05/ebola-worrying-disease You are doing a great disservice to your homeland (and mine, too) and a disservice to science by spouting this verbal diarrhea. Your parents must be so proud…

  20. Certainly, there is something wrong with being black. Am from Nigeria but the same thing u narrated is happening here live! My greatest fear is the youth are not even rising to the reality of our time, hence no solution in sight for all these problems. At times i say to my self, it would have being better if we remain under colonial master till date.. Just tell me any single nation in the dammed African continent that has get it right since the time of her independence, NO one! SA that is trying among us all is probably due to the longer years of the white manning the Govt(apartheid). IS THE BLACK RACE CURSED?

  21. The bottom line; nothing works in Africa. The mind set is just so wrong. Until we learn to respect and live by the law, we will keep wallowing in poverty. Example- we’re going for elections- the law says “no biometric verification, no vote”. Yet what did we see- people were allowed to vote (the then president advocating for circumventing the law). And the judges also chose to ignore the dictates of the law. A country that can’t define something as simple as “overvoting”?!!

    This is where we find ourselves. No one respects the law. And that will take us no where!! I like this party, so even if they give us shit, I ma cheer them on!! Sad thing is we have educated fellas falling to this vile canker of blind support. We are where we are, because the vast majority of us refuse to reason. Let’s stop this blind support. Let’s hold our leaders, and ourselves responsible. That is the only way we can get to where we want to be.

    And if you think u don’t care about politics, you are a loser. Politics is everything. If we can’t get the right people in, the wrong guys will keep messing us up. U don’t care about politics? Don’t complain about nothing, sucker!!

  22. I find it troubling that some — meaning a lot of Africans are more concerned about how the truth about our conditions as Africans are disseminated and how it makes us look to the rest of the world rather than agreeing that we our really in deep shit as a people…

    The man is simply telling you that, we are NOT the world’s responsibility.. They have ZERO obligation to our people and continent. What they’ve taken from us, we’ve willingly, indifferently or weakly given them!! So until we realize that we have to take responsibility for our conditions and stop hoping that the West would or should care for us, we will suffer much more!

    Then the idiotic notion that writing about our problems is a form of complaining is such a naive way of thinking. Writing about it is probably the most powerful tool that individual citizens and artists like Mutombo can do… Creating awareness and educating the masses is part of the uphill battle we face.. So instead of asking stupid questions like what are his solutions(as if, if he outlined any in this article, it will provide an instant solution to the Ebola crisis), we should all applaud him for being gutsy enough to say what needs saying. The African, after colonization has been very successful at proving that he is incapable of handling his own affairs… We need to wake up and articles like this will hopefully inspire and give direction to the younger generation so they don’t embrace victimhood the way a lot of us and our predecessors have.. We are so nonchalant about our own health it is appalling ….

    Kudos homie… Truth on!

  23. I think your anger might be misdirected.. the sentiments you expressed are obviously very strong but would it be possible that perhaps we as Africans aren’t useless (Though a disturbing majority believe we are) have you considered that perhaps we are hindered from progress??

  24. Nice article. U really did justice to it. But I think de f**k word is a little too harsh. U could have used a phrase such as……”FUCK THEM ALL”. hahahaa…nice one bro. There is no better word to have used.

  25. I have a very strong proble and I feel realy sick when everything ‘bad’or every ‘dangerous’ seems to have emanated from AFRICA according to the West. I remember when some researchers carried out their research and the test ground was AFRICA, allowed by our LEADERS. Who knows if the cause for the dreaded EBOLA is not as a result of one of these research. Just as others have mentioned above Africa has the most powerful and experienced DOCTORS all over the world. We AFRICANS suffer because WE believe that only the WEST can provide solutions to our mesery.WAKE UP AFRICANS and stop the ILLUSIONS.We can do it far more than WE think.

  26. Aint that so true…………..FUCK GHANAIANS FOR ALLOWING A YENTIA OBIAA govt. to depreciate the CEDI to 40% its value against the dollar. KEEP ON KEEPING ON, and hush about DUMSOR, NO PETROL, NO HEALTH INSURANCE, GALAMSEY BY THE CHINESE , EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM IN THE TOILET, NO INFRASTRUCTURE IMPROVEMENT AND THE FILTH OF A CAPITAL CITY YOU CALL ACCRA………….KEEP voting the same govt, because of tribal politics and SHUT UP…FUCK GHANAIANS, i will stay in my AMERICA..OR AS they say MURICA

  27. I feel your frustration. We are here carrying on ‘Africa Rising’, we are ‘ready’ now to participate in the Global sphere in business and politics yet Africa’s underbelly is turning. Roaring with self centered politicians who only think of wealth accumulation while they already have deep pockets from years of corruption and literary stealing from the poor. Kenya for instance has the highest paid politicians in the WORLD and the Kenyan people just do not see anything wrong with that, as they blindly and faithfully support theses politicians. We claim to be developing and growing but, Africa’s development is good only for the top 2%, the rest of the population is still wriggling in poverty. How can we have these African leaders come and say ‘Africa is open for business’ yet we still have people in rural Kenya who still do business in batter trade. Does this even make sense?
    Yes, we do have very educated experts and scientists abroad, but our leaders do not see value in utilizing these individuals to bring change back home. Africa stands in it’s own way, until people choose to challenge the status quo, there is no hope for our people. You just do your part and hope for the best.

  28. You have every right to feel as you do but hey, think now. This is not something you can rant about on the internet. It gives ‘americans’ more reasons to think of how ‘foolish’ we are. I want to believe that it’s our power system and the fact that we gave ‘them’ the authority to be ‘better’ than us and the ‘cleverer’ ones among us realize they can’t beat the system. so they join the system. You could try make the world a better place or…well…keep ranting.

  29. Africa’s past is in conflict with her future..and the tragedy is that the past is winning..prehistoric mindsets,lack of clarity of thought and purpose,inferiority complex,slave mentality,colonial mentality (kolomentality according to Fela) Africa’s young and brilliant minds need to find a way to take of the continent’s destiny..this was what transformed the fortunes of europe and we have seen same with China..now is Africa,’s time..

  30. Okay Im not going to address all of the issues or should I say non-issues that you spoke about but I am going to address the fact that America already have a Serum thats seems to be curing or maybe stabilising Ebola. Don’t you guys think its funny that in a space of 2 days a serum has already come into play. As far as Im concerned it takes years of research before cures or vaccines are found not 2 days. So if there is a vaccine that means they have had it for a while. If they have had it for a while (The Vaccine) that means they probably manufactured the bacteria themselves. Ebola River is the headstream of the Mongala River. if you know what headstream is you would understand that by introducing this bacteria into this headstream it would infect the Mongala River as well. Africa has always been used as a test site for all sorts of rubbish. Your right we are a corrupt nation but before we were corrupt something called divide and conquer was put into place. This is still whats affecting you now. It has been instilled in us that Africans will never be better than American thats why we are referred to as a Third World Nation. My brother you need to get your head out of your ass and smell whats cooking. Am sorry but sometimes you need to realise that there are two sides to every coin.

  31. folks I do share your sentiments especially the proponent of this article. I have something to offer everyone who cares about our dear nation Ghana. I’m quite sure most of you are overseas so here is my suggestion. why don’t we prepare ourselves, go back to the country we love so much and help change it’s course. We can stay overseas and complain or we can go back home and make a difference. Our brothers and sisters who are stuck in Ghana are helpless but I believe you and I have seen the light. We can sit in the light and enjoy it all alone or we can take it to our less fortunate brothers so that they can enjoy it too. This is my personal plan. I want to finish my degree and then go back home and do everything i can to bring change to my people. I don’t care who is in power, I just want to help to make the lives of the people better. We can choose to ignore the problem or we can find a way to help solve it. let’s help solve our nation’s problems. The greedy politicians will not do it for us.

  32. Frustration and Anger has been the potion of Blacks for ages. Let us wait and see what Ebola turns out to be since we are not going to get a cure ourselves.

  33. A friend of mine once said we Africans criticize ourselves somewhat harshly. Without thinking, we compare ourselves to Americans, British, French, Germans who got over 200-300 years head-start (not forgetting to add that they looted everyone else to move forward). Why i might agree that we are behind (and the corruption and thinking of our people doesn’t seem to give a glimmer of hope for the future of our beloved continent), the “Africa-movement” only just began around the 1940s-50s. We really do need time to develop. Consider that it was just the 1918 that the Spanish Flu or what we know today as Common cold killed as many as 20 million people in the world, the first aeroplane was developed in 1903, the first mobile phone was developed in 1973

    Even the corruption that plagues us today, plagued these really advanced countries in their history; The issues that led to the American civil war are absolutely and totally laughable and comparable to those we face in Africa today.

    The good news however is we won’t have to go through all the stages that they went through. Thanks to already existing work in the area of science, technology and the power of computer, i think we will leap-frog. Africa already has some of the fastest developing economies. And it think its just the beginning!

    We might need them to help us cure ebola today, but i do think our children will do better. We just need time and we need to keep doing the right things.

  34. I totally agree with the sentiment in this post – we are always blaming the west. Don’t we always sing about being sovereign states, then let us be then!

  35. Opinions are like noses… everybody has one.

    I’m not here to say much, I’m simple here to ask everyone reading this (including the quite insightful but feisty author)…,

    …, “In your own little (or big) sphere of influence, what are you doing to make things better?”

  36. Opinions are like noses… everybody has one.

    I’m not here to say much, I’m simply here to ask everyone reading this (including the quite insightful but feisty author)…,

    …, “In your own little (or big) sphere of influence, what are you doing to make things better?”

  37. Seriously,I wish all my colleagues cud read dis article and wake up from being brainwashed by soo many evils.Some of these include following Politicians with policies that they truely know are unproductive and rather destructive for the African.Sadly,they are blinded by material benefits and finish school,come out with a degree in National Destruction.When will Africa turn around.

    Thumbs Up Buddy !

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