Ghanaians Are Asylum Seekers


The Canadian Embassy in Ghana ‘bounced’ (means refused) me visa sometime back. After years of swerving several invitations because of so many reasons, which I don’t want to mention because you will mock me, I thought this one was an exception, it was juicy, and I couldn’t swerve it. Yes, I have a phobia! You are asking or eager to know what I was going to do in Canada, right? Okay, I will tell you guys;

As a spoken word artist in Ghana, after going through hundreds of shows here since 2007, I deemed it as awesome to cross borders. Not to chill, but to meet other poets, write my second album (here is the first) from a different perspective, record with some other poets and also, showcase or perform to a different audience.

The Banff Centre in Canada was organizing an eleven-day program, a residency actually, called SPOKEN WORD, so I applied. It was a very long process indeed and I had little or no hope. A couple of weeks after I applied, they wrote me back and were happy to accept me to attend this residency in the Banff Centre in Canada. Not just that, they gave me a $1,147.60 financial aid so I just had to pay $418.81. You guys can imagine how happy I was. And even though I don’t like traveling, I thought this was the opportunity and my bae (trying to get trendy here) kept on pushing me to apply for a Canadian visa because she knew I could easily change my mind, that was highly possible. I did apply, and I got bounced!

The Canadian Embassy’s reasons were:

  1. Your travel history
  2. Your current employment situation
  3. Your personal assets and financial situation

The counselor added this:

You have not satisfied me that you would leave Canada at the end of your stay as a temporary resident. Gbemi!

Me! A whole Mutombo Da Poet, staying somewhere for even more than a month will be a problem. So I should just ditch my marriage plans, God bless her, leave all the work I am doing here and stay in someone’s country just to hustle etc… Stupidity! Anyway, moving on.

There was a protest in Accra yesterday by the Ghana Supporters against the Canadian High Commission in Ghana for refusing visas for fans/supporters to go to Canada to support the Black Princesses in the Under-20 World Cup. I hear over 4000 people were bounced including some high-ranking government officials. Very sad indeed, but I have my take on this issue; allow me to take your minds back to Brazil. What happened there? After several people were allowed to enter Brazil to support the Blackstars who sucked, about 100 Ghanaians decided to seek asylum in the country. Yes, they refused to return to Ghana, and I strongly believe that there are so many others who are still in Brazil, aside this huge 100. I was really shy when I heard this disgraceful move by some Ghanaians. I had to cringe anytime I heard the news on the radio or read the news on the Internet. I remember taking a dump this one time and some one tweeted the news onto my timeline. I cringed and unfortunately, that helped me eject faster.

Ghana Supporters Protesting (Credit Adwoa Tutu)
Ghana Supporters Protesting (Credit Adwoa Tutu)

There have also been other instances where even Ghanaian athletes run away from camps instead of running on the tracks, they run far away and are never seen. This is no news, it has been going on for a very long time. Trust me. Will you blame the Canadian Embassy then for refusing visas? They are aware of what went on in Brazil and do not want the same thing happening in their country. “Who Toronto you by mistake?!”. The Ghana supporters are saying those who decided to stay in Brazil are not part of them, but one thing they are forgetting is that, these people are Ghanaians. Country first, Unions second! Bad nuts! It’s really sad that our Black Princesses didn’t have any strong support in Canada and I will agree with anyone who saying that is the reason they have been booted out. Of course, supporters make that game complete but chale, you cant blame the Canadians for this.

You guys apply for visas, they give you a couple of months or weeks and you never return, you ditch your country and start a new life somewhere. Your behaviour has even affected me, most of us want to travel for a short time because of our art etc, but because some bad nuts have stained Ghana’s credibility, we are refused visas and you are now protesting? For WHY? Waste of time. These supporters know what goes on so why are they mad? And they want the embassy to refund their visa application fee? Didn’t they read the forms before applying? Or they were in a rush to leave the country so they didn’t. To a certain level, I agree with the Canadian Embassy’s decision chale, I have to be honest. You are leaving so who fixes the country for you and your children’s children?

But I am really mad the Canadian Embassy refused me a visa though, they should know that people like me, do no want to live anywhere else including their country no matter what. Ghana is my home, and the love that I have for this place, no man will ever understand. She will be mad if I leave her for even a month. And to those fans who wanted to enter Canada, we know some of you wouldn’t have returned, so shut up and wait for the next tournament.






9 thoughts on “Ghanaians Are Asylum Seekers

  1. My brother, …i fully understand your dilemma, but it is not the embassy’s fault . . . .and sadly maybe your pocket is half empty to take you the full term of your course or your current state of employment. . . .they ALSO have many of their own poets, etc, roaming their streets and are worried those are the sort of people you would now befriend who will assure you there’s a great chance to greatness if you stay there and become another one of their million entertainers hoping to make it big and forever awaiting the dream. . . .the part about your travel plans, i’m not too sure about unless you haven’t travelled outside of Africa and now heading to the Western World, they are not sure what to expect of you due to, and unfortunately, the abandonment such as half of those four thousand people may not return . . .did you buy a return ticket, that usually shows that you ARE going to return . . . . . .this is a subtle part as to how this problem began , . . years ago Sierra Leoneans were entitled to Canadian Citizenship . . .Ghanaian’s and Nigerian’s being as quick thinking as they are, soon picked up on this, faked their original citizenship, making them Sierra Leoneans and went to apply for Canadian citizenship . . . later destroying and the Canadian government denying any Sierra Leonean the right or the further luxury of this offer . . . . . the truth of the matter is this is where i would use your last terminology “FUCK AFRICA AND AFRICANS, ESPECIALLY GHANAIANS and i’d add NIGERIANS . . .it would be ” .FUCK AFRICANS, ESPECIALLY GHANAIANS and NIGERIANS . . . .they have abused and overdone things that leave some of these countries sort of helpless to support or assist those who may actually need the VISA or HELP . . . .they’ve abused the system . . . suppressing the rest of us from succeeding in simple situations such as getting a visa . . . .do we have 4000 thousand Ghanaian’s support the “Black Princesses in the Under-20 World Cup?” . . . LIKE SERIOUSLY?
    Some of these blasted countries have their own fights and trivialities without adding more mouths to feed or to their underemployed employees . . .and lets be realistic . . .a may have EBOLA entering and infecting theirs . . . .just because our AFRICAN nations, particularly the WEST, don’t respect themselves to have similar bans put in place for ourselves . . the one who can pay can supersede and do as he or she pleases in on our homelands . . . .BULLSHIT! When are WE gonna stop short selling our great nations and treat them in the same manner . . . .simply because they are giving us aid, contracts, so we sell our behinds for short . . . Mutombo, your word for now is to be spread in Africa, that is God’s plan or it would have been made possible to go to another scabby part of this diminishing world . . .everything and it’s time. . . find the positive and fuck the rest . . . your time is coming dear, Canada ain’t got shit for you nor can they teach you jack . . .Stay strong, stay positive, keep on doing what you do best . . . you are a public speaker of a different sort . . .a poet, a verbal mathematician . . . PEACE bro….e beh ye yie!

    1. Nice comment but did you read the article well? I wasn’t going to roam the streets. I was going to a Residency called SPOKEN WORD. I had everything that they needed, including a solid bank statement and a return ticket as well.

  2. Maybe you didn’t understand me. . . . i know you weren’t going to roam the f’n streets . . . THEY assume that . . . and as to having all the right documents etc . . . so do the 4000 pissed of people . . . basically bad timing is what i was saying young man . . .where we don’t care for our nation, etc they do for theirs . . . eg: Ebola, 4000 other applications. . . do you know they read your blogs . . . maybe you’re a likkle too radical for them . . . we let every cat and dog into this nation, they don’t . . .and they’ve got their own reasons, that’s onto them . . .right up to us having to get a police report attache . . .WTF do i want to be doing in such a country?

    1. Probably because of your initial reluctance to accept their invitations got offended . . . . alo?

  3. this article draws ma attention to something Efo Kojo Mugbe observed a couple of years back about the non refundable visa fees.. he observed if we are to calculate the visa fees at the end of the year we will realize its this same money they give back as grants and loans.

    Atleast they should give me some percentage of the visa fees if i am refused the visa..

  4. Even with the West pulling their people out of West Afrika and using Ebola as an excuse to deny Visas, (although, there has been no reported cases in Ghana. Well, one that they hushed up so tight that one can only assume that he was a White government official with the ZMAPP serum used on the other two U.S. workers), there has always been a problem when Afrikans who want to travel outside of Afrika! If embassies are not stealing Afrikan citizens money, denying visas, forcing Afrikan citizens to go through the application process repeatedly, only to take their money and deny the Visa…What’s the real problem? As a descendent of the Diaspora, I can unequivocally say that it is and has always been and will continue to be COLOR!

  5. some people think been someones yard is believing they are winners of GOD thorn.i am sorry been Canada just brain drain.

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