Do You Hear The Rhythms?


Ghana has real good rhythms! The music is on point in this country, trust me!

A good friend, uncle, hero and boss had a new baby and I attended the outdooring ceremony. To entertain the audience was a very popular Ghanaian drummer called Yaw Kontoh with his crew to give the audience some authentic Ghanaian rhythms. I took a one minute video to share with you guys.

Enjoy the rhythm!

And what are your thoughts on the Ghana songs you hear nowadays?



5 thoughts on “Do You Hear The Rhythms?

  1. Chale, it’s just crazy that I’m reading this a few minutes after listening to Sark’s latest track about the economy. Art shoud never distant itself from the people, politics and religion.

    And earlier on in the day the there was some small argument about Ghanaian musicians not forcing at the office. Then I played Kweku Mankind’s ‘wa ka wo ho’ for one of the guys to listen. Obviously he has never heard. He was surprised that there was a musician this good that the average Ghanaian doesn’t know about – ‘cos of course the radio won’t play that.

    ..and then I’ve been listening to M3nsa’s No.1 mago Street album almost everyday for the past week. Gyedu Blay Ambolley has clost to 30 albums.. chale the list long. We get massive musicians who are stilling doing massive world class stuff but at the same time the yawa ones chao too much, wey e be them too them dey radio top everyday..

    1. Why do you think the crappy ones are getting so much airplay? Are they paying payola or the Ghanaian loves to listen to crap? What is the problem? I have not heard Kweku Mankind’s songs.

      1. Really? I thought you knew about him.Listen here > As to why the crappy ones get a lot of the attention, I don’t know. I don’t think I have an explanation for that cos Ghanaians claim to like good stuff. Payola dierr abi it’s rumored but I can’t point fingers to anyone who has given/taken it..

        ..and maybe I’m only being like this because the kinda music I’d prefer get more attention doesn’t. Maybe majority of the people like what’s popular.. and radio has to make money so they are better of playing that..

  2. Kobby Graham used to play Kweku Mankind’s song. It’s really good and authentic. We have a lot of good rhythms in Ghana. Artistes who go that way don’t get recognise because they say people won’t listen.
    I guess you see the number of people who dance when the likes of Gyedu Blay or Ben Brako perform. It’s always about the sound chale.
    We are missing what makes our music distinct and original.

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