No!! She Is Not Dead!!


I have been blogging about this for years and I am also happy to be a part. This art festival has been going on for about 4 years now and it keeps on growing…day by day. You have never been to CHALEWOTE ? You are missing then.


I don’t want to touch on what goes on at the festival this time around, you will find that info when you google and I will have pictures up on my instagram and tumblr so do check them out. And if you haven’t seen my instagram and tumblr, then you are missing, chale.

I want to talk about the unity that CHALEWOTE fosters, I want to speak about how fearless the youth are when it comes to using the arts to speak against all kinds of social, political, and environmental vices. I want to talk about how artists are trying new things now and not following what others are doing like it used to be. I feel I am at a different place whenever I am at Jamestown for CHALEWOTE. If we, as a country could be this fearless, we would have been in the skies this very moment.

These artists are fearless
These artists are fearless

These great artists I am going to see today, including myself, are #MadeOfBlack-what I call people who are not scared, shaken and stand tall. That is what I call people who will try new things and not conform. That is what I call people who are not scared to fail. That is what I call people who have this dying passion to right wrongs with whatever that they do. After all, it’s time for Africa to rise, and with our little effort and contribution, it will come to pass.

Guess I will be seeing you today at CHALEWOTE and to all those who can’t make it, don’t worry. I will be posting pictures on all my platforms just for you, and this time, I am going to go hard on the pictures so get prepared. For now, just do what you are doing, stay positive and don’t follow, if you are these, then you are really #MadeOfBlack, no matter where you come from or who you are. Use all you have to make Ghana a better place you us, and our children’s children, chale. She is not dead, she really isn’t!

E go be!


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