Let me make this snappy because I know most of you do not read lengthy posts. I will make it lengthy though if you start murmuring like you always do when I say things like this, and all those who say “who does he think he is?” I know all 6 of you, just incase.

I have a new spoken word track coming out tomorrow. I guess you have seen the artwork. Yes, the one up there! I was grateful to work with Yaw P, a good producer, on this one and we have more things up our sleeve.

We are working on a project called THE ART OF MUSING under the name HI VIMTAGE. HI VIMTAGE, is made up of YAW P, STELOO and myself, MUTOMBO DA POET. Yaw P is a great producer and artist, Steloo is a DJ, artist and a model (Guinness #MadeOfBlack) and you will be the best judge when we start putting out stuff from THE ART OF MUSING, in a month or so.

This post is to inform you of this project and we hope to get your support like you have always done. You are #MadeOfBlack and support the arts. Don’t get me wrong, black has got nothing to do with colour, it’s deeper than that. It’s the vim the lies within you.

Below is a performance I did some years back with Kwame Yeboah’s the Ohia b3y3 Ya band. And be a part of history by going to www.madeofblack.com,upload and selfie or just tweet a selfie with the hashtag #MadeOfBlack




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