Touch My Body


I wanted that Tyson Beckford body when I was growing up. I wanted all the muscles with the cuts to compliment. Damn! I remember I used to tear pages of male models from magazines and kept them as souvenirs. I couldn’t paste them on walls because I didn’t have my own room then, the only thing I had was a dream to be like Tyson Beckford when I grow up.

People told me I should consider being a model because of the height. Even in Junior Secondary School, I had mates who were going to the gym, I would follow them there and just tease and laugh at their suffering. I still do. I mean, there should be other ways to get all those muscles, right? I am yet to learn how to do push-ups, my chest is as flat as the iphone6 running the bug-filled iOS 8.0.1 and when kids come up to me and ask me to flex my muscles, I act a fool and change the topic with style-“hey, look up, Jesus is coming!”

Maybe it’s because of how Kwaku Ninja trained me in his Karate class. That guy was a bully but what can you really do if you want to fly like the Ninjas you see in movies? But I quit! You see, when it comes to my body, I want all the good stuff for it but not ready to workout. Basketball and football should have done all the work but all it does is to make me sweat, twist my wrist and ankles. That is it! Anyway, Kwaku Ninja is dead, that karate master was killed by some ‘land guards’ and was buried in an unmarked location for some time until he was found. Wait, was the body ever found? May he rest in peace.

All my friends work out, I think I am the only one who doesn’t, and I am not really bothered about it. There is a ghetto gym in our hood and even though I go there every now and then, I have not thought of picking up any of the weights there yet. Maybe in my next life time. I was there last weekend and it was just fun. I witnessed a weightlifting competition between two guys, one of them, my homie. My homie, Zion won and his price was…nothing! The guys at the gym brag a lot about the weights they can pick and how many push-ups they can do so once in a while they organize these kind of contest to shut people up.

Here is a video I shot and this was the final round.

We have all of these guys in Ghana so why are we not picking up medals at the Olympics. These guys literally chew cast metals from dawn to evening, some go in the morning, and then in the evening just to build their muscles, something I don’t get. Their dedication is on another level! Until the planets are repositioned, I am not building a muscle in this body. My left wrist would not even allow me to push weights and that doesn’t mean I can’t be the next Tyson Beckford. Age might be catching up but I have a plan. That is what guys who are #MadeOfBlack do, they always have an alternative. I even think god is making me lazy when it comes to working out on purpose. Look at this 6.4ft figure, with serious cuts like the picture below. You know what will happen, right?! Hello ladies! Don’t diss me, please.

I will just go to and upload a selfie with no shirt on so you all see. And I think you should upload one too, if you are lucky, you will be featured in the Daily Graphic plus more.

Ever wondered why they call it Dumbbells?





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