Going Through Phases


My days have been amazing, my mood has been awesome and the people I am with, are like family. Fran and Jules are so amazing. I wouldn’t even call them host, they are more like a family and I hope they come to Ghana sooner than later. My last time here was February and it was very cold. Couldn’t do much then because there was snow on the streets and ice cubes on the pavements. I slipped a couple of times but the ‘kubolor’ in me kept me going.

I changed my flight back in February, I had to get to Ghana earlier because the weather was mean. I am going back to Ghana earlier this time too, not because of the weather. I am having the best moments of my life right now and I wont trade this for anything…well, maybe for my son.

I am leaving earlier because of my son. I had a son on the 16th of August, 2015. I prayed for him to land on the 11th of August, which is my birthday but…heaven knows. A little bit of me breaks when my wife sends me photos of him. Maybe she knows, so she keeps sending them. The photos do come daily, that means I break down daily. I was told this would happen if I left him, didn’t listen.

Having a son has changed my life, it has brought out emotions which I thought were never there. A couple of weeks back, I cried as I hummed a lullaby to put him to sleep. I look at him and wonder which path he is going to take. Will he allow me, or his mother to direct him, or he is going to be stubborn like his father when he was a teenager? Will he stammer like his father or speak like his mother? Will I mete out the same punishment like my mother and grandmother did to me? How is fatherhood going to be like for me especially since I didn’t have a father?

There are so many questions that keep on coming and most of them I don’t have answers to. What I can tell you is, fatherhood has been amazing and I cant wait for you to experience what I am feeling right now. See my previous post for a spoken word piece dedicated to my son.

The website is now functional, this was just a test post. Lol! From now onwards, I am going to blog like I used to.



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