Yes, #WeAreEvolving



I can’t count the number of susu boxes (piggy bank) I bought when I was a young boy growing up. It got to a time that I was so close to our ‘neighbourhood carpenter’ because I destroyed a box every week or so. I would save for things like a ‘disco watch’, a fan fair or party coming up and other silly things. My mother was proud and not proud of me at the same time. She was proud because I was saving to buy and do my own stuff, easing the pressure on her, and she wasn’t proud because I was saving for a short time. I think the longest I saved was for 3 weeks, and I can’t count the number of times she encouraged me to save for longer periods.

Savings was a big thing in my family, my grandmother was a big saver even though she wasn’t earning a salary at the time I was born. She saved part of the money that her children sent her every month so she always had money on her and in the bank. However, she always complained about the interests on her money and all kinds of things. I was too young to understand those terms then.

I’m a man now and have a family; I have a wife and a six-month old baby. I have promised to give my child the best of everything in the world and never make my family lack. To be able to achieve these, I need a solid savings plan that will give me the best of my cash. I have tried many banks and financial institutions and the packages that they offered didn’t work for me. Then a good friend of mine told me about a product Petra Trust recently launched. I wasn’t ready to listen at first because I thought it was just another financial institution. But there has been a pressing need to find a good financial institution to save with so I visited their website after paying attention to this friend.

Savings Booster is the right product that I have been looking for since I hit puberty and I am sure you realize the joy in my tweets about this product (look for my tweets with #WeAreEvolving). You can skip the rest of this post and just go to and spend a little bit of time there. It’s one of the best interactive websites that I have come across and the user experience is second to none. On the website, I was able to start an experience on how to boost my savings with just a little help from my taxes. After completing just two boxes with a little info, I was told how much I pay for tax every month and what Savings Booster would do for me with some of this money that goes to taxes.

Basically, Savings Booster helps you boost your savings with some help from your taxes. Explaining this into details will be work for me because the website has done a very great job of explaining this in like two simple steps. I kept on entering figures in the box just to see how much money I will be saving from my taxes. This product from Petra Trust is one of a kind and will go a long way to help people like me, and other people who really need to save more, and I know my mother and grandmother will be happy where ever they are because I have now cultivated that habit to save and save for long periods. It’s always the best! Visit and go through this experience and tell friends and family because ‘time no dey!’ #WeAreEvolving and we need more people to do the same.


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