Touch My Body


I wanted that Tyson Beckford body when I was growing up. I wanted all the muscles with the cuts to compliment. Damn! I remember I used to tear pages of male models from magazines and kept them as souvenirs. I couldn’t paste them on walls because I didn’t have my own room then, the only thing I had was a dream to be like Tyson Beckford when I grow up.

People told me I should consider being a model because of the height. Even in Junior Secondary School, I had mates who were going to the gym, I would follow them there and just tease and laugh at their suffering. I still do. I mean, there should be other ways to get all those muscles, right? I am yet to learn how to do push-ups, my chest is as flat as the iphone6 running the bug-filled iOS 8.0.1 and when kids come up to me and ask me to flex my muscles, I act a fool and change the topic with style-“hey, look up, Jesus is coming!”

Maybe it’s because of how Kwaku Ninja trained me in his Karate class. That guy was a bully but what can you really do if you want to fly like the Ninjas you see in movies? But I quit! You see, when it comes to my body, I want all the good stuff for it but not ready to workout. Basketball and football should have done all the work but all it does is to make me sweat, twist my wrist and ankles. That is it! Anyway, Kwaku Ninja is dead, that karate master was killed by some ‘land guards’ and was buried in an unmarked location for some time until he was found. Wait, was the body ever found? May he rest in peace.

All my friends work out, I think I am the only one who doesn’t, and I am not really bothered about it. There is a ghetto gym in our hood and even though I go there every now and then, I have not thought of picking up any of the weights there yet. Maybe in my next life time. I was there last weekend and it was just fun. I witnessed a weightlifting competition between two guys, one of them, my homie. My homie, Zion won and his price was…nothing! The guys at the gym brag a lot about the weights they can pick and how many push-ups they can do so once in a while they organize these kind of contest to shut people up.

Here is a video I shot and this was the final round.

We have all of these guys in Ghana so why are we not picking up medals at the Olympics. These guys literally chew cast metals from dawn to evening, some go in the morning, and then in the evening just to build their muscles, something I don’t get. Their dedication is on another level! Until the planets are repositioned, I am not building a muscle in this body. My left wrist would not even allow me to push weights and that doesn’t mean I can’t be the next Tyson Beckford. Age might be catching up but I have a plan. That is what guys who are #MadeOfBlack do, they always have an alternative. I even think god is making me lazy when it comes to working out on purpose. Look at this 6.4ft figure, with serious cuts like the picture below. You know what will happen, right?! Hello ladies! Don’t diss me, please.

I will just go to and upload a selfie with no shirt on so you all see. And I think you should upload one too, if you are lucky, you will be featured in the Daily Graphic plus more.

Ever wondered why they call it Dumbbells?







Let me make this snappy because I know most of you do not read lengthy posts. I will make it lengthy though if you start murmuring like you always do when I say things like this, and all those who say “who does he think he is?” I know all 6 of you, just incase.

I have a new spoken word track coming out tomorrow. I guess you have seen the artwork. Yes, the one up there! I was grateful to work with Yaw P, a good producer, on this one and we have more things up our sleeve.

We are working on a project called THE ART OF MUSING under the name HI VIMTAGE. HI VIMTAGE, is made up of YAW P, STELOO and myself, MUTOMBO DA POET. Yaw P is a great producer and artist, Steloo is a DJ, artist and a model (Guinness #MadeOfBlack) and you will be the best judge when we start putting out stuff from THE ART OF MUSING, in a month or so.

This post is to inform you of this project and we hope to get your support like you have always done. You are #MadeOfBlack and support the arts. Don’t get me wrong, black has got nothing to do with colour, it’s deeper than that. It’s the vim the lies within you.

Below is a performance I did some years back with Kwame Yeboah’s the Ohia b3y3 Ya band. And be a part of history by going to,upload and selfie or just tweet a selfie with the hashtag #MadeOfBlack



You Poet! What’s Your Worth?


I had the chance to perform at EHALAKASA last night and it was great. The reason is, I did some poems from the past, some were written as far back as 2006. I know you might be asking why I went back to bring those old stuff because I have so many new works. Blame it on nostalgia.

Last week, I had people on my twitter asking me for links to some very old works. Honestly, I didn’t remember 2 of the pieces that they needed links to, I had to refer to my books. I know it’s very sad or you might think I am stupid, but don’t blame me, the pieces are too many. I quickly had to forget about all of those poems that I planned to do yesterday. I replaced them with a couple of old pieces, and it was so awesome performing them once again. I really enjoyed myself and I sold some Photosentences CDs as well. Check out one of the performances in the video below:

Why haven’t I been going through shows? Well, it’s because I don’t get the money that I think I deserve. Before I started this post, someone hit me on whatsapp about this spoken word show that he is doing. He wants me to be on that show so after a short talk, I asked him how much he was paying and check out his reply below:



That is what I hate! “I will give you something small for fuel”, “I am giving you a platform”, “take this small something”…I have been performing for free and I will perform for something small depending on my mood or relationship but you don’t hit me up and tell me these things. They are trash to me! I have hustled to get this far, I have helped create an ‘atmosphere’ for spoken word in Ghana, I have an album out, I have so many singles and other tracks out, (all of these I paid for), I have gone through countless radio and TV interviews so it gets confusing when people hit me up and say things like they are giving me a platform and all of those bull. It hurts and it’s disrespectful.

And It hurts when I see desperate spoken word artistes in Ghana go through shows and leave with nothing, it’s an insult to even your talent/skill. You deserve to be rewarded by whoever is employing your services. The last ‘big’ show I did, I got about 900GHC for it, was a 3min performance and even though this is nothing, taking into consideration company I was dealing with, it was enough to strike out some things on the TO DO list.

My fellow poets, you are #MADEOFBLACK, and no, I’m not talking about your complexion, neither am I talking about the complexion of your parents. I am talking about how talented you are and how bold you are, because of the positive words you spew. You are #MADEOFBLACK because I believe you are bold spoken word artistes who wouldn’t be shaken by any oppressor, you have what it takes to spark, to burn, to shine bright, so don’t let anyone hold you back and do not sell yourself cheap.

You spend days, if not weeks writing and memorizing and someone, somewhere, comes and tells you how much your art is worth? Come on guys, its about time! You are #MADEOFBLACK because you rule, your black breaks, from region to region, country to country, your black is confident so I beg-know your worth. It’s time we come together as poets and be on the same page, It’s time we empower other poets, to make them aware of the power that they hold. Most are not even aware of this power. It’s about time that these event organizers etc start respecting our art because what we hold never comes cheap. I can tell you some funny and disrespectful things that I have heard from these people but I will just save it for another day.

Just remember that you are #MADEOFBLACK and you know what I mean by this.



There are so many campaigns nowadays, both on social media and out of social media, campaigns outside social media still come on social media for promotional purposes. The power of social media! I have been thinking if there will be a time where marketing will only be implemented through social media and not ‘traditional’ media.

I support all positive campaigns, well, I might be wrong about this – I am confused about one particular campaign that I have seen on social media. This Keep Ghana Clean, or something-something filth cleaning something, or don’t litter or something. A funny campaign with a funny name, I didn’t really take that time to really check it out, but it’s basically about keeping the country or city or your environment clean. And this is what I don’t understand.


Are we, the citizens of Ghana, not supposed to be taking care of our homes and surroundings? Should someone or an organization spend money to organize this…for us? I really don’t understand what is going on with us. I don’t get a whole lot of things about my people, me included. My anger is not channeled towards these people who organize these clean-up campaigns but the other people who have no sense of ‘presence’. Those people who are ignorant to the fact that they have to clean their surrounding every single day. It’s a part of our everyday lives.

If we all take cleanliness seriously and clean regularly, will there be a need for these campaigns at all. Won’t those funds be used for other important things like finding a cure or vaccine for Ebola so we stop labeling America as a bad friend because of a secret serum? Beggars! If the government does a good job by cleaning public spaces, gutters etc and citizens also do their part, wont we live in a healthy, clean environment? With the lack of trash bins in town, I will talk about that in a different post.

You wear the latest brands just to look good, you step out of your home looking so on point, but your surrounding is dirty, are you cleans then? No amount of cologne you use will make you smell nice. Go and clean your homes, go and clean your surroundings, then you, the human being, will be complete.

Whoever is in charge of that campaign shouldn’t waste their time at all on this because how far can you go with this? Are you doing this for a year, two years, ten years? Well, here is the sad truth – when you stop, the country will be back to ‘dirty’ because the people are not ready to help themselves. We are plain dirty! Unless you tell me you are going to do this for a life time and cover the whole country because malaria is still killing people, cholera has taken so many lives recently In some parts of the CAPITAL. Emphasis on the CAPITAL. Organize some party with that money and invite me over because Ghanaians prefer to be dirty!

Sorry, majority of Ghanaians are dirty!

Very Sad!

No!! She Is Not Dead!!


I have been blogging about this for years and I am also happy to be a part. This art festival has been going on for about 4 years now and it keeps on growing…day by day. You have never been to CHALEWOTE ? You are missing then.


I don’t want to touch on what goes on at the festival this time around, you will find that info when you google and I will have pictures up on my instagram and tumblr so do check them out. And if you haven’t seen my instagram and tumblr, then you are missing, chale.

I want to talk about the unity that CHALEWOTE fosters, I want to speak about how fearless the youth are when it comes to using the arts to speak against all kinds of social, political, and environmental vices. I want to talk about how artists are trying new things now and not following what others are doing like it used to be. I feel I am at a different place whenever I am at Jamestown for CHALEWOTE. If we, as a country could be this fearless, we would have been in the skies this very moment.

These artists are fearless
These artists are fearless

These great artists I am going to see today, including myself, are #MadeOfBlack-what I call people who are not scared, shaken and stand tall. That is what I call people who will try new things and not conform. That is what I call people who are not scared to fail. That is what I call people who have this dying passion to right wrongs with whatever that they do. After all, it’s time for Africa to rise, and with our little effort and contribution, it will come to pass.

Guess I will be seeing you today at CHALEWOTE and to all those who can’t make it, don’t worry. I will be posting pictures on all my platforms just for you, and this time, I am going to go hard on the pictures so get prepared. For now, just do what you are doing, stay positive and don’t follow, if you are these, then you are really #MadeOfBlack, no matter where you come from or who you are. Use all you have to make Ghana a better place you us, and our children’s children, chale. She is not dead, she really isn’t!

E go be!

Do You Hear The Rhythms?


Ghana has real good rhythms! The music is on point in this country, trust me!

A good friend, uncle, hero and boss had a new baby and I attended the outdooring ceremony. To entertain the audience was a very popular Ghanaian drummer called Yaw Kontoh with his crew to give the audience some authentic Ghanaian rhythms. I took a one minute video to share with you guys.

Enjoy the rhythm!

And what are your thoughts on the Ghana songs you hear nowadays?


Ghanaians Are Asylum Seekers


The Canadian Embassy in Ghana ‘bounced’ (means refused) me visa sometime back. After years of swerving several invitations because of so many reasons, which I don’t want to mention because you will mock me, I thought this one was an exception, it was juicy, and I couldn’t swerve it. Yes, I have a phobia! You are asking or eager to know what I was going to do in Canada, right? Okay, I will tell you guys;

As a spoken word artist in Ghana, after going through hundreds of shows here since 2007, I deemed it as awesome to cross borders. Not to chill, but to meet other poets, write my second album (here is the first) from a different perspective, record with some other poets and also, showcase or perform to a different audience.

The Banff Centre in Canada was organizing an eleven-day program, a residency actually, called SPOKEN WORD, so I applied. It was a very long process indeed and I had little or no hope. A couple of weeks after I applied, they wrote me back and were happy to accept me to attend this residency in the Banff Centre in Canada. Not just that, they gave me a $1,147.60 financial aid so I just had to pay $418.81. You guys can imagine how happy I was. And even though I don’t like traveling, I thought this was the opportunity and my bae (trying to get trendy here) kept on pushing me to apply for a Canadian visa because she knew I could easily change my mind, that was highly possible. I did apply, and I got bounced!

The Canadian Embassy’s reasons were:

  1. Your travel history
  2. Your current employment situation
  3. Your personal assets and financial situation

The counselor added this:

You have not satisfied me that you would leave Canada at the end of your stay as a temporary resident. Gbemi!

Me! A whole Mutombo Da Poet, staying somewhere for even more than a month will be a problem. So I should just ditch my marriage plans, God bless her, leave all the work I am doing here and stay in someone’s country just to hustle etc… Stupidity! Anyway, moving on.

There was a protest in Accra yesterday by the Ghana Supporters against the Canadian High Commission in Ghana for refusing visas for fans/supporters to go to Canada to support the Black Princesses in the Under-20 World Cup. I hear over 4000 people were bounced including some high-ranking government officials. Very sad indeed, but I have my take on this issue; allow me to take your minds back to Brazil. What happened there? After several people were allowed to enter Brazil to support the Blackstars who sucked, about 100 Ghanaians decided to seek asylum in the country. Yes, they refused to return to Ghana, and I strongly believe that there are so many others who are still in Brazil, aside this huge 100. I was really shy when I heard this disgraceful move by some Ghanaians. I had to cringe anytime I heard the news on the radio or read the news on the Internet. I remember taking a dump this one time and some one tweeted the news onto my timeline. I cringed and unfortunately, that helped me eject faster.

Ghana Supporters Protesting (Credit Adwoa Tutu)
Ghana Supporters Protesting (Credit Adwoa Tutu)

There have also been other instances where even Ghanaian athletes run away from camps instead of running on the tracks, they run far away and are never seen. This is no news, it has been going on for a very long time. Trust me. Will you blame the Canadian Embassy then for refusing visas? They are aware of what went on in Brazil and do not want the same thing happening in their country. “Who Toronto you by mistake?!”. The Ghana supporters are saying those who decided to stay in Brazil are not part of them, but one thing they are forgetting is that, these people are Ghanaians. Country first, Unions second! Bad nuts! It’s really sad that our Black Princesses didn’t have any strong support in Canada and I will agree with anyone who saying that is the reason they have been booted out. Of course, supporters make that game complete but chale, you cant blame the Canadians for this.

You guys apply for visas, they give you a couple of months or weeks and you never return, you ditch your country and start a new life somewhere. Your behaviour has even affected me, most of us want to travel for a short time because of our art etc, but because some bad nuts have stained Ghana’s credibility, we are refused visas and you are now protesting? For WHY? Waste of time. These supporters know what goes on so why are they mad? And they want the embassy to refund their visa application fee? Didn’t they read the forms before applying? Or they were in a rush to leave the country so they didn’t. To a certain level, I agree with the Canadian Embassy’s decision chale, I have to be honest. You are leaving so who fixes the country for you and your children’s children?

But I am really mad the Canadian Embassy refused me a visa though, they should know that people like me, do no want to live anywhere else including their country no matter what. Ghana is my home, and the love that I have for this place, no man will ever understand. She will be mad if I leave her for even a month. And to those fans who wanted to enter Canada, we know some of you wouldn’t have returned, so shut up and wait for the next tournament.