Let’s Ponder

My previous plan was to blog about Valentine’s Day but I wont waste my time at all, I should be used to the lives of my fellow Ghanaians by now. I will go ahead and share or talk about better things, something that we can all ponder over, besides, how many Ghanaians can afford Golden Tree Chocolate? Tell me!! Since 2007 they (the government) decided Val’s Day in Ghana should be National Chocolate Day. I will leave this for another day.

I was in Busua in December 2012, for those who don’t know where this place is, it’s situated in the Western Region and you should see the pretty beaches and lovely people. I was there for the Asabaako Festival and that was my 3rd  in a row. I pray that I will be able to witness this festival every year, my humble prayer.

So anyway, during this festival, I took tons of pictures and even though I love all of them, one picture keeps on getting my attention. I go back to it every now and then and anytime I study it, I get something new from it. This is the picture-


I know you will disagree with me that it’s a good picture and I will understand you perfectly well, maybe you will get where I am coming from when I finally explain what happened before that picture was taken. Now let me explain- I had walked along the beach for like an hour just taking random shots and I finally decided to have a seat on this rock by the rope you see in the shot. As you can see, the rope was holding the canoe in place and I tried making sense out of the whole scene. For those who are eager to know the sense I made out of this scene, here you go- In life, you (the canoe) are stable because of people around you, thus, your family and good friends (rope). They do everything for you so you feel comfortable and so you don’t ‘sway’. I took my camera and aimed to shot and all of a sudden, from nowhere, I see this little girl run across my frame, holding the rope over her head so she could go under it. Then suddenly the ‘sense’ I was trying to make got an addition-even though family and friends are down for you, will support you in every way, sometimes ‘forces’ out there come your way and causes you ‘shake’…for a while. I know some of you will see this as foolish but blame my thought-process, its foolish like that. Study the picture too, you might come up with something better.



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